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Waterton Planetarium

Welcome to the Waterton Planetarium

Step into our indoor Dome Planetarium and discover the cosmos! This new experience will enable you to explore the night sky even when the weather doesn't cooperate. So sit back, relax, and enjoy 360° views of celestial environments, thanks to an impressive fisheye projector lens. You will be able to travel throughout the solar system, and discover the universe, without ever leaving the dome planetarium, as you experience informative, enthralling presentations on stargazing, space exploration, natural history and light pollution.

Please come visit us at our current winter-only location, near Cameron Falls in the Waterton townsite. Our inflatable dome planetarium is the newest attraction in Waterton Lakes National Park and the region's only Planetarium!

January 8, 2024: The Waterton Planetarium is open on weekends and by-request on weekdays. Book your tickets online today to guarantee your seats!

Adults: $24.00
Children (3-12): $14.00
Discounted rates are available if booking multiple shows - Discounts will be applied after your reservation request has been submitted, but before your credit card is charged.

To guarantee your spots, we recommend that you book your tickets online, in advance. However, we welcome walk-ins, and tickets can be purchased in person upon arrival, subject to availability.

Max Number of Participants: 15
Min Number of Participants: 2

Planetarium shows are suited for participants ages 3+. We apologize but we are unable to accommodate childen 0-2 years old. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Please note that telescopes are NOT part of the planetarium show.

Planetarium shows start promptly and the doors will be closed at that time; latecomers will not be permitted to enter the facility once the show has started. As such, we recommend that you arrive 5-10 minutes before the show starts.

All Feature Programs are followed by a short, complimentary show called Losing the Dark.

Upcoming Shows:

Legends of the Northern Sky
Duration: 24 minutes
Take a journey with the Indigenous peoples of the western plains of Canada and share the wisdom conveyed by the stars. Journey alongside Ocek, the fisher, as he and his band of animal friends take a dangerous expedition south to retrieve summer and return it to the frozen north. To the Plains Cree, Ocek was forever running across the night sky, ensuring the arrival of summer after the cold, perilous winter. Learn how the great bully, the giant bear Mista Maskwa, was finally tamed by a brave band of birds. This adventure is mapped in the stars as the birds chase Mista Maskwa every night, keeping us safe from his foul temperament. The Indigenous people of North America connected with the night sky in fundamental ways that resonated with their world. In Legends of the Northern Sky, we learn and appreciate their stories in the stars and in turn, learn a little bit more about the spirit that connects us all.

From Earth to the Universe
Duration: 31 minutes
The night sky, both beautiful and mysterious, has been the subject of campfire stories, ancient myths and awe for as long as there have been people. A desire to comprehend the Universe may well be humanity’s oldest shared intellectual experience. Yet only recently have we truly begun to grasp our place in the vast cosmos. To learn about this journey of celestial discovery, from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers to today’s grandest telescopes, we invite you to experience From Earth to the Universe. Viewers can revel in the splendour of the worlds in the Solar System and our scorching Sun. From Earth to the Universe takes the audience out to the colourful birthplaces and burial grounds of stars, and still further out beyond the Milky Way to the unimaginable immensity of myriad galaxies. Along the way, the audience will learn about the history of astronomy, the invention of the telescope, and today’s giant telescopes that allow us to probe ever deeper into the Universe.

Sunstruck: Explore the Sun
Duration: 21 minutes
Travel back to the beginning of time and experience the birth of the Sun. Discover how it came to support life, how it threatens life as we know it, and how its energy will one day fade away.

Two Small Pieces of Glass: The Amazing Telescope
Duration: 22 minutes
This fulldome show follows two students as they interact with a female astronomer at a local star party. Along the way, the students learn the history of the telescope from Galileo’s modifications to a child’s spyglass — using two small pieces of glass — to the launch of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and the future of astronomy. Aiming to engage and appeal to audiences of all ages, the show explores the wonder and discovery made by astronomers throughout the last 400 years.

Losing the Dark
Duration: 7 minutes
This show, produced by the International Dark Sky Association illustrates some of the issues regarding light pollution, and suggests simple actions people can take to help mitigate it.

What to Bring / Wear / Expect

  • Though this is an indoor planetarium experience, some people may find the temperature cool inside the planetarium, so you may want to wear a sweater or your jacket.
  • No outdoor footwear is permitted inside the Dome Planetarium; you will be asked to remove outdoor footwear prior to entering the planetarium, so please ensure you are wearing socks (you are welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers).
  • You may want to bring an airplane / travel pillow for additional neck support/comfort (if desired).
  • Food and drink is not permitted inside the planetarium.
  • There are two different styles of low-laying seating options available; seating is first-come, first-served.
  • Every Feature Program will be followed by the complimentary, short program about light pollution, called Losing the Dark.
  • Due to the close-quarters proximity of seating, and the enclosed space inside the Dome Planetarium, participants are welcome to wear masks if they desire.

Getting to the Planetarium

The Waterton Planetarium is currently located inside the Falls Interpretive Theater (aka. "the underground theater"), near Cameron Falls, in the Waterton townsite. Follow the pathway beside the Cameron Falls washroom facility for 120-meters (heading east/southeast - away from Cameron Falls) to reach the Planetarium Entrance.

407 Evergreen Ave.
407 Evergreen Ave.